The Evolution of Growing Gorillas

Growing Gorillas is a children's martial arts programming system for gyms, born from founders Kisa and Travis Davison's mission to teach their own kids martial arts, and the life skills that come along with it.

About Growing Gorillas

What is Growing Gorillas?

Growing Gorillas is a Martial Arts curriculum for children that teaches them how to interact with the world around them. As a result, they become healthier, happier, confident, and ultimately more productive members of society.


Travis & Kisa's Growing Gorillas Story

  • When we opened SBG in Kalispell, Montana, I knew we needed a kids program. I wanted our kids to learn how to move, how to compete, and how to be part of a team. Travis and I built the Growing Gorillas program based on his understanding of Jiu Jitsu and my background in child development and experience with my son in occupational therapy and physical therapy. We designed the curriculum to bolster the natural progression of children as they grow and develop.
    Kisa Davison, Owner & Founder, Growing Gorillas

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  • There were no good gyms in Montana when we arrived and the Growing Gorillas kids program and the rest of the gym grew out of necessity. I never thought kids would be my primary focus or such a huge part of the gym's success, mostly because the gym I trained at didn't have a kids program. The Growing Gorillas kids program uses Martial Arts to teach children about themselves and those around them. They become healthier, happier, confident, and ultimately more productive members of society. I never realized how rewarding teaching could be or how big of an impact it would have in our community and the World at large. Our kids program and the changes it makes in these kids lives is the most important thing we do at SBG.
    Travis Davison, Owner & Founder, Growing Gorillas

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