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Learn more about the Growing Gorillas martial arts program for children and how to implement this innovative curriculum at home or in your commercial gym. 

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Top Questions About Growing Gorillas

What is the Growing Gorillas Curriculum?

The Growing Gorillas Curriculum is a martial arts and life skills program for kids. It is made up of a series of lessons in martial arts, game play, leadership development, and includes structured parental engagement.

There are achievement awards for students who reach designated milestones, and coaching notes that help deliver the lesson plans.

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What are the lessons made up of?

We offer highly structured lesson plans that have minute-by-minute guidelines to help keep your young members engaged and moving.

We also offer video support for each lesson that help our member coaches understand the objectives of the lesson and the cues that work best for accelerated learning.

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How are the lessons delivered?

When you log in to our online portal, each month you'll find new lesson plans with accompanying video reference material, notes and tips.

How do the students progress?

Students move to the next belt level based on their coaches satisfaction with attendance and the mastery of certain movements and skills. Stripes and new belts indicate that students have developed the proficiencies in skill progression to move up our belt system. 

What age groups are the lessons geared towards?

The lessons are geared towards age groups 3 -5 years (Micro Monkeys), 5 - 7 years (Spider Monkeys), 7 - 10yrs (Chimps), 10 -12 years (Juniors), and 12+ years (Teens).

How do you incorporate the leadership components?

The leadership development and social components are integrated in games, confidence-building exercises and the teaching methodology that is built into every lesson plan.

How long are the lessons/classes?

We recommend two classes a week, consisting of one hour sessions each for commercial gyms. In a home-learning environments, we recommend 30-45 minute training sessions, twice per week.

How much does it cost?

Growing Gorillas costs $197/month and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice. Not that you'll ever want to cancel! New materials, life skills, videos, and coaching support is released each month!

Is there any teaching or coaching support?

Absolutely! Each lesson plan has coaching tips and cues that will help your young members be successful. If you would like more in depth, one on one guidance, you can explore our ‘Coach the Coaches’ offering that lets you access some of the best coaches in the world.

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