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SBG Niagara On Why Growing Gorillas Is The Best Martial Arts Program For Kids

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SBG Niagara On Why Growing Gorillas Is The Best Martial Arts Program For Kids

Our Growing Gorillas program is more than just kicks, punches, and throws... it's a community where your child will thrive.

"Growing Gorillas" - A Safe & Nurturing Environment

Our Community Style Approach

With your child in the Growing Gorillas program, you can be at ease knowing that there is a community of trustworthy people helping to watch over and guide him or her towards their passions, dreams, and goals.

We coach in a very safe, productive and nurturing environment, so your child will develop confidence and self esteem, along with physical strength, coordination and stamina.

Developing Life Skills

Parents rave about our Kids Life Skills Program 

There is no other program in the Niagara Region that even comes close to our Kids Martial Arts and Life Skill Program.

We have a system in place that teaches kids character traits that all parents would be proud of, and we do it in a FUN and caring environment.  

Growing Gorillas - A Safe & Nurturing Environment

Our SBG Kids learn from their very first day how to be responsible, confident young people both on and off the mats.

At SBG, your child will learn:

  • Respect from Responsibility
  • Discipline with Dignity
  • Performance through Play
  • Fitness as Fun

It's an amazing, comprehensive martial arts and life skills program, perfect for kids of all ages, with a focus on learning through play. Bully prevention is another foundational concept of Growing Gorillas, because we know that two things can ruin a child's life: being bullied and being a bully.

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