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SBG's Buford On Setting Children Up For Success With The Growing Gorillas Program

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SBG's Buford On Setting Children Up For Success With The Growing Gorillas Program

At Straight Blast Gym Buford, our Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts program is a huge reason that we have been voted Best of Gwinnett’s Best Gym and Health Club for the last 3 years.

SBG's Buford offers students the best Jiu Jitsu training in town and we have the votes and the results to prove it!

So Much To Gain

We have a lot of fun learning and trying out new skills. But our Kids Martial Arts program also tackles the serious challenges our students face in life. And none are more important than the threat of bullying.

At Straight Blast Gym Buford, our students gain:

  • Self-confidence and a strong will
  • Effective defenses for a real-world altercation
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Constant practice and application of their skills

Promotions Are Earned Not Given

At Straight Blast Gym, we are big believers in earning your belt promotions. While other martial arts are constantly “promoting” their students to the next belt, we believe in putting in the work before you get the reward.

From a young age, our Kids Martial Arts program instill:

  • Perseverance and dedication
  • Focus and attention to detail
  • The incredible joys of true accomplishment

Motivation Week After Week

Kid’s attention spans are short, as every parent has come to realize. While our Growing Gorillas program is designed to teach your child  high-level martial arts, discipline, and confidence…we also want it to be fun!

Gone are the days of kid’s being a part of a stuffy dojo where they are forced to stand in silence before throwing punches and kicks in the air. At SBG, we strive to create an atmosphere where your kid can not only thrive in their sport, but they can have a good time while doing it!

Lifelong Habits Of Physical Activity

Sometimes it can be hard to get your kid to be active. In a world of video games and cell phones, a child can find hours of  entertainment without ever having to leave their couch or bedroom.

But with our Kids Martial Arts program, your child can enjoy a hands-on class that involves...

  • Running
  • Gymnastics
  • Grappling

All of which allows the coaches to disguise exercise as play... in a fun, enjoyable manner that has your kid sweating, smiling, and learning!

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