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Press Release: SBG Grows Beyond Limits at Revolution Tournament

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Press Release: SBG Grows Beyond Limits at Revolution Tournament

Competition is at the cornerstone of training at SBG, which participates in several tournaments throughout the year.

Kristin Downing said competition has been a formative experience for her daughter, Bella Downing age X of SBG Whitefish, who has been competing for about 3 years.

“Competition is a great experience for Bella to test her jiu jitsu skills, travel with her friends, and get out of her comfort zone. Rolling with athletes outside of her gym has really helped her grow.”

Less than a year after it opened it’s doors, students from SBG Bigfork continue to branch out in the competition scene, winning 3 medals from the tournament.

Cody Bessette is Owner and Head Coach of SBG Bigfork, which was runner-up for Best New Business in this year’s Best of the Flathead.

“As a coach, competitor, and father, I was in a unique position to experience a roller coaster of emotions,” Bessette commented. 

“Competing is not easy. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and the results speak for themselves. I truly believe we become better people every time we step out of comfort zone, face adversity, and push through the hardest of times.”

The experience that SBG athletes get from tournaments is what has elevated it’s quality of training to the best in the valley.

The gym, which is part of a worldwide martial arts organization, has found that testing a student’s abilities against an opponent ultimately improves their jiu jitsu skills.

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  • Cody Bessette – Gold, No Gi
  • Dakota Tackett – Silver, No Gi
  • Ricky Davison – Silver, No Gi
  • Bella Downing – 3rd, Gi – 1st, No Gi
  • Aven Ames – 3rd Gi – 3rd No Gi
  • Fisher Sliter – 3rd Gi
  • Lex Bessette – 1st Gi
  • Charlotte Brents – 2nd, No Gi


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